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This is a 28mm scale 12lb ship cannon.  It measures 40mm long by 20mm wide by 15mm tall, and is cast in lead free pewter.

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  1. 28mm Scale Ordnance 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jul 2017

    I purchased the Laser Dream Works 6pdr, 9pdr, 12pdr and 24pdr 28mm scale guns and was very pleased. The guns are of the Armstrong pattern, on naval carriages and thus appropriate in British vessels up to 1808. However, it must be stressed that once the Blomefield Pattern guns began production in the 1790s they quickly replaced the older ordnance in the Royal Navy, most assuredly in the capital ships, due to a more compact, yet robust, design. The fledgling United States Navy purchased numerous Blomefield guns in the late 1790s (and produced domestic knock-offs) so that it also became the predominant design across the pond. However, it must be noted that in the remote military posts in North America necessity dictated that many outmoded guns were still in service, both on land and afloat. Long story short – these castings are perfect for most 18th Century vessels and ideal for the period of the American War of Independence.

    The casting metal is of good quality and the guns are some of the best I have seen. The details of the carriage, rings, bolts etc., are excellent and the barrels of the guns are detailed down to the distinctive ring around the cascable button.

    The Guns
    The ordnance barrels are generally good castings but suffer, to a moderate extent, from the common defect of compression, which gives them an oval, rather than circular shape when looking head-on to the 6pdr and 24pdr models. The metal is very strong but there were some troubles with some of the cascable buttons of the 6pdrs which were broken off upon delivery. This is probably because the cascable buttons are rather undersized on all pieces and should match the bore of the piece. To be honest, this is a very hyper-critical assessment as the overall quality is so good. There was also a bit of distortion at the muzzle of the 24pdr and the second order of the 6pdrs I received had a fair bit of flash, which none of the other gun barrels had.

    The 24pdr has a barrel of 47mm length (base ring to muzzle) which corresponds to approximately 113” to 122”, depending on the relative scale of your 28mm figures. This is a perfect size for an Armstrong pattern gun of 1753.
    The 12pdr has a barrel of 35mm length which corresponds to approximately 84” to 91”. This is a little short for an Armstrong pattern naval gun of 1753, which should be 108”, but corresponds to the size of a garrison piece of the same time.
    The 9pdr has a barrel of 31mm which corresponds to approximately 74” to 81”. This is quite short for an Armstrong pattern naval gun of 1753, which should be 101”, but almost matches the length of a period garrison piece.
    The 6pdr has a barrel of 27mm which corresponds to approximately 65” to 70”. This quite short for an Armstrong pattern naval gun of 1753, which should be 84”, but is close to the 73” length of a garrison piece of the same period.

    The Carriages
    The gun carriages are robust single piece castings. The cheeks of the carriages are a little on the short side, making them marginally smaller than true scale but they compliment the barrels beautifully. The carriages do, however, suffer from the common casting problem of compression of the mold which has given the trucks an oval rather than circular shape. My only real criticism would be that the carriages have an odd “waffle” pattern to the surface of the cheeks.

    I am very happy with the overall quality of my Laser Dream Works naval guns and hope that they decide to produce a line of Napoleonic Blomefield pattern ordnance as well.

28mm 12lb Cannon

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