28mm American Gunboat

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This 28mm model kit is a replica of as American patterned Gunboat used on the great lakes during the War of 1812. It was designed for use with figures mounted on 20mm round or 20mm square bases.  These small craft are representative of the ones used on lakes and harbors and in amphibious operations during the Napoleonic era.  This particular craft has many design elements common to gunboats used by the Barbary Pirates in the Medeterranian and would be perfect for a pirate crew as well.  It was armed with two 24 or 32lb carronades on a turreted mounts. They were powered with either lateen rigged sails or two banks of oars. This is a beginner level kit and comes with everything to build the hull and mast.  It does not include the figures or carronades shown. The carronades can be purchased separately from our store and the figures are from FIRELOCK GAMES. The kit comes unassembled and unpainted and takes less than an hour to build and paint.



NOTE:  This product is a remastered version of our original version and is slightly smaller to better fit with popular game system rules.  We have removed the older version from our catalog.


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