About Us

SERVICES: Custom engraving and cutting services are available for anyspecial occasion or gift idea you may have. Anniversaries,birthdays, announcements and births are just a few examples..please see our Promotional Items page for some ideas.

MODEL SHIPS: For gamers who enjoy historical battles, these ships have been adapted from actual plans for 28mm or 18mm and feature a flat bottomed hull for table play.  The ships are sent as a kit with complete instructions with full color images.  Do not be intimidated at the thought of building a model ship as we have endeavored to create a kit that is easy to build to get you to gaming with them faster!!

GAME SUPPLIES: Black Powder to Steam Punk to Pirate - check out our gamingaccessories to make you stand out! All sets are highly detailedgame pieces, laser engraved and cut from fine birch veneer. Custom designed by a fellow gamer so function is neversacrificed and form is revered.

LEATHER BRACELETS: These are not western tooled leather bracelets! Custom designs for any style from urban to biker to soccer mom or the princess inall of us. Full-grain leather cuff bracelets cut or etched with a modern flair. Contrast backgrounds and stitching are available in a multitude of colors.  CUSTOM REQUESTS WELCOME

JEWELRY:  Earrings and necklaces laser cut from a variety of woods or acrylic in organic and fun designs that never go out of style.  Lightweight and easy to wear.  Some designs feature contrasting wood inlay.  For the jewelry I tend to design as inspiration strikes me so please check back.