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This bundle is designed for customers using the Legend of the High Seas rules set published by Warhammer Historical Wargames. We have taken our smallest ship, the HMS Fly, and have added a small dingy and a set of markers, tokens and templates compatible with the ones recommended in the rules. This set will easily start a new crew's adventure off in style, and after a few games into the campaign your adventurous captain will almost certainly start eyeballing one of our larger cutters!


This model kit is an authentic 28mm representation of the British 8-Gun cutter HMS FLY. The ship’s deck is ”8.5 inches long and 4 inches wide. Its overall length with bowsprit is 16 inches and she is 13” in height. The ship comes with all the materials to build the hull, masts, and yards. It comes with four of our 6lb cannon. But wait, you said this was an 8 gun cutter?...yes yes, I know, but for the typical skirmish style war game, the rules for a ship of this size will probably only allow 4 guns and limiting to that number will still let you get 10-12 based crewman on board as well. This is our smallest 28mm kit and the most simple one to build with construction taking about 1-2 hours, painting another hour, and rigging an additional 1-2 hours. This is a great way to try out our line of ships. All the larger ships use the same building techniques!


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