Ships, Cannon, and Crew

Laser Dream Works is proud to introduce our range of wooden model ship kits designed for tabletop miniature war games. Each ship is designed based on original admiralty drafts for actual wooden ships and we have attempted to make them as authentic as possible. Because these ships are designed for gamers and not as scale models, we do take a bit of artistic license so that the ships can accommodate toy figures and stand up to the rigors of the battlefield. The ships pieces are etched and cut out of 3mm Baltic Birch craft wood with our Epilog Laser engraver, and will require assembly. Some of our ships are more complicated than others and will require some advanced modeling skills. For beginners, our smaller ships are a great place to start. The kits can be assembled by children ten or older with some adult supervision. The ships come with the necessary materials to assemble the hull and masts, but do not come with material for rigging as many gamers will chose not to fully rig ships for ease of storage and playability. Rigging instructions are included for those who want the full experience! The ships do not come painted. The ships do come with cast metal cannon but do not come with crew.