Vauban Fortress Kickstarter Stretch Goal 5 to 8

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Product Description

This is a set of .STL files that allow you to 3D print The Second FOUR STRETCH GOALS to our Vauban style fortress as advertised in our Kickstarter Campaign.

This set contains the  files that make up the second 4 stretch goals for those that participated in the ADVANCED pledge level. They allow you to print everything shown in those stretch goals.  You will need the BASIC set as well in order to create a complete fortress.

The files are optimized for printers with at least a 4"x4"x4" (100mm by 100mm by 100mm) build space.  Some of the files also come in larger formats suitable for printers with 6"x"9"x6" build spaces, but everything can be created in the smaller format.

Your download will be active for 60 days and can be dowloaded a total of 3 times during that period.

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